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National Foods & Bakeries

In the land of the FIFA 2022 , Qatar, is where the story begins. Envisioning great expertise in the world of culinary, National Foods & Bakeries was established by Becon Group in 2020 as a joint venture with NFB . Since then, pure goodness and has been getting packed into jars & bottles, to help you start your day right, or indulge in that comfort food. Whenever you’ve asked for something, we’ve gone & created that product, and added it to our product range. And that’s how we now have one of the greatest ranges in culinary covering over 25 categories. And they are all delicious, we can assure you.

* Mayonnaise* Ketchup* Sauces* Fruit Jams * Syrups* Drinks* Ready to Eat products* Breads * & Batter

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Our Product Range

Q-Plus Food products has become a well-recognized brand in the market. A robust distribution system ensures that everyone enjoys our fresh & finest products every day. A wide range of products are made available to all segment of trade such as Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, groceries, restaurants, catering companies, labor camps, schools, fast food outlets, and food service.

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